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Client Portal, Long Distance Relationships

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Last updated: 25 Nov, 2018
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By Jason Watson ()
Posted November 23, 2018

Since 2007 we have used ShareFile to administer our Client Portal which provides secure, online document exchange. The Client Portal will allow you to securely upload your financial documents to the Watson CPA Group.

Most email servers balk at files over 10MB. The client portal does not have a file size limitation which is great since QuickBooks can be a little chunky.

You can also install a PDF printer allowing you to print anything to a PDF file. Screen shots, online activity, Excel spreadsheets; anything you normally print to paper can be saved as a PDF. This file can then be uploaded to us through the Client Portal. Most operating systems have a PDF printer already installed- if not, please do an internet search for free PDF printers. This is a very handy tool.

All financial statements and any “soft” copies of files that you send us will be placed in your client portal folder. For example, if you fax us some information and then lose your copy, you can download your fax in PDF from your portal folder. How cool is that? We recently had a fire in Colorado Springs, and one of our clients lost everything- but her financial information was safely kept in her client portal.

Long distance is what the Watson CPA Group does. With over 80% of our clients living outside of Colorado Springs, we are comfortable with phone calls, email and Skype. We are also comfortable with preparing financial reports and tax returns in all the states. Our researching tools, and the speed and volume at which data travels nowadays allows us to serve clients’ needs everywhere.

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