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Last updated: 21 Sep, 2014
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By Jason Watson ()
Posted September 2, 2014

There is no way around this. As you already know the Affordable Care Act has turned things upside down and inside out. Some things remain the same, some things have changed, and some things have yet to change.

There are third-party administrators (TPAs) who assist small businesses (and large businesses) in implementing plans to provide health care reimbursements and to allow for pre-tax deductions of certain expenses. And what makes things exceptionally challenging is that TPAs such as Zane, Base and TASC can disagree (imagine that- lawyers not agreeing). The IRS, DOL, ERISA, ACA and DUH, coupled with all kinds of other agencies both Federally and at the state level have chimed in.

DUH doesn’t exist. We were just testing you.

The Watson CPA Group currently endorses TASC headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin (Go Bucky!). Their positions appear to be more in line with our interpretations, their legal team has successfully litigated cases in the past, and frankly their representatives are very talented.

This chapter was last updated August 12 2014. Be sure to contact the Watson CPA Group or TASC if you have any questions or concerns about the most recent updates. We are all in for a very long and bumpy ride. Updates can be downloaded in PDF at-


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