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Ex-Patriate Worksheet Download
Use this worksheet to answer required questions for your foreign earned income exclusion.
12 Jan, 2013 133 kb Downloads: 0
Employee Versus Contractor Download
Know the issues when hiring people to work for you, or if you work for someone else. The employee versus contractor label is a common problem for workers and business owners.
12 Jan, 2013 124 kb Downloads: 0
Hobby Versus Biz Download
The IRS is cracking down on businesses that do not have a profit motive, and can easily be deemed a hobby. Know the rules and court cases.
12 Jan, 2013 112 kb Downloads: 0
LLCs and S-Corps Download
This article is split out from the Small Biz FAQs, and addresses LLCs and S-Corp (Sub-S) Elections.
12 Jan, 2013 190 kb Downloads: 0
Real Estate Professional Download
This article addresses real estate professionals and how that relates to material participation and rentals.
12 Jan, 2013 178 kb Downloads: 0