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Shameless Self-Promotion

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Last updated: 23 Nov, 2018
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By Jason Watson ()
Posted November 23, 2018

This book originally was a collection of Knowledge Base articles that were written to help small business owners and to help our own small business through educational marketing.

Since you probably paid some money for the privilege of being bombarded with shameless self-promotion, we hope you take our comments with a grain of salt. Our primary focus is to educate you, minimize your tax consequence, maximize your wealth and keep you out of trouble. If you read this, arm yourself with knowledge and then ask pointed questions to your accountant, we are completely happy. We have done our job with this book.

Having said that, if you want the Watson CPA Group’s assistance in whatever capacity necessary, from quick second opinions to full-time service, we are also happy to provide that. Want more information? The Epilogue in the back of this book has all kinds.

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