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What are the filing timelines for submitting my ExPat tax returns?

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Last updated: 07 Oct, 2013
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By Jason Watson ()

Taxpayers claiming the exclusion of foreign income are automatically given an extension until June 15 (60 days after the typical tax return deadline). However, we always suggest a traditional extension to October 15. Be aware, however, there are interest and penalties on late payments (only if you owe taxes) that may still be imposed-

Filing Deadline Interest Penalties
April 15 No No
June 15 Yes No
October 15 Yes Yes

Caution: Several states do not grant the automatic extension for foreign earned income exclusion taxpayers that the IRS does, nor do some states even honor or acknowledge the exclusion. On top of that, several taxpayers need to wait until mid-year to file their tax returns to qualify for the exclusion- so we typically will prepare tax returns ahead of time to see if you will owe taxes. If you do, we file an extension, you pay your taxes on time, and then we file your tax returns with the exclusion. This is ideal.

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